ВЕРСИЯ 1.2.5 (autotune)

ВНИМАНИЕ: Если у вас установлена прошивка BITMAIN от марта 2024 года и старше, вам необходимо скачать файл 2024 UNLOCK  для своей контрольной платы и прочитать инструкцию по установки прошивки VNISH.

Установка прошивки возможна через SD карту и без SD карты напрямую в NAND майнера с помощью утилиты VNISH TOOLKIT.

Для установки прошивки используйте SD-карту (не более 16 ГБ, FAT 32).

Загрузите SD образ для вашей версии контрольный платы и модели асика, распакуйте и прочитайте инструкцию по установке

Стандартные типы контрольных плат: SD слот снаружи ( Xilinx SD версия ), SD слот расположен внутри на контрольной плате ( beagle bone BB версия ), снаружи расположен только micro usb слот ( Amlogic версия ), CVitek ( SD слот снаружи ) смотрите файл: типы контрольных плат

Вставьте SD-карту с прошивкой VNISH и включите майнер, если вы вытащите SD-карту, вернется прошивка BITMAIN. ( Только для Xilinx и beagle bone).

Для установки прошивки на контрольную плату Amlogic (a113d) с  прошивки BITMAIN на VNISH, необходим OTG-переходник. Скачайте файл AMLOGIC SD (OTG-USB). Распакуйте файл и прочитайте инструкцию по установке.

Если требуется обновить версию уже используемой прошивки VNISH на SD карте либо в NAND, то необходимо скачать WEB версию прошивки VNISH и загрузить ее через функцию UPGRАDE.

Если при разгоне потребление будет выше 4600 ватт необходимо сделать UPGRADE БЛОКА ПИТАНИЯ (см. инструкцию по доработке блока).


Скачать прошивку из раздела УСТАНОВКА В NAND БЕЗ ИСПОЛЬЗОВАНИЯ SD КАРТЫ для вашей модели майнера и контрольной платы. Установка возможна только при помощи утилиты Vnish toolkit. Скачайте утилиту и прочитайте инструкцию по установке.

После перезагрузки майнера с контрольной платой CVitek с прошивкой vnish вернется стоковая прошивка, вам нужно просканировать сеть где находится майнер с помощью vnish toolkit или использовать phoenix-scanner в фоновом режиме и прошивка Vnish будет восстановлена автоматически


Прошивка работает только с Antminer S19, S19a, S19a pro, S19j, S19jpro, S19jpro plus, S19-88-bb, S19j-bb, S19jpro-bb,  S19jpro-plus-bb, S19pro-a-bb, S19pro, S19Kpro, S19pro-a, S19i, S19+, T19, S19XP, S19hydro,  S19pro hydro, S19pro hyd, S19pro plus hydro, S19xp Hydro, S19j plus.

Ресурсы и утилиты


release 1.2.5

📢 New Additions:
— Added support for Antminer S21 (Amlogic), Antminer S21 Hydro, Antminer T21 (Amlogic/Cvitek), Antminer T19 Hydro, Antminer T21(BHB68703), Antminer S19k Pro (Xilinx), Antminer S19k Pro (BHB56903/BHB56903-/BHB56902-)
— Added widget Performance
— Introduced new presets: preset 9250MH for Antminer L7, lower presets for Antminer S19, and new presets for Antminer S19 Hydro, S19Pro Hydro, and S19Pro+ Hydro
— The dashboard now displays Hashboard factory information and Hashboard temperature after overheating
— Added features for preheating chips and voltage adjustment in automatic cooling mode
— Logs are now saved after reboot
— Invalid CRC EEPROMs are ignored

🚦 Changes:
— Now supports the previous format of autotune.json without serial number (1.2.0/1.2.1)
— Reduced the minimum difference between switching temperatures to 5 degrees Celsius
— Recalibrated chip temperature for x21 series
— Updated water temperature checks on Hydro miners
— Adjusted chip temp offset for Hydro miners
— Enhanced autotuning functionality
— Corrected profiles for Antminer S19i and S19 Hydro
— Raised the critical temperature threshold to 120°C
— LEDs now blink faster when activating find miner
— Made minor UI/UX adjustments
— Enhanced miner stability

🐞 Bug Fixes:
— Fixed minimum hashrate check when quick start is enabled
— Fixed cooling down for automatic/manual fan mode
— Resolved false virus detection on Cvitek firmware
— Fixed double compression (diagreport/backup)
— Corrected /docs route
— Fixed memory leaks and firmware hangs on Cvitek
— Resolved configuration loss after power loss
— Improved autotune for Antminer S19i
— Fixed chip detection issue on Antminer S19k Pro
— Resolved double pause issue
— Fixed dashboard hangs with a large number of connections
— Fixed voltage adjustment in immersion and manual cooling mode
— Fixed work with L7 sensors

💻 API Changes:
— Added max_rpm parameter in the fans object on the /summary response
— Added hr_stock to the /summary response
— Introduced new /chains and /factory-info routes on the API

release 1.2.5-rc2

Added 📢
— Add support of Antminer S21 Hydro
— Add preset 9250MH for Antminer L7
— Add new response ‘factory-info’ in API
— Add show chain factory info
— Ignore fans with extra large rpm readings
— Show chain temp after overheated
— Ignore invalid eeprom
— Save logs after reboot

Changed 🚩
— Correct temp sensor position for Antminer S21/T21
— Correct profiles for Antminer S21/T21
— Correct presets for Antminer S19 Hydro/S19Pro Hydro
— Chip temperature recalculation for x21 series
— Remove ‘asic_boost’ from settings in API

Fixed ✅
— Fix for minimum hashrate check when quick start is enabled
— Fix cooling down for fan auto/manual mode
— Fix double compression in Safari

release 1.2.5-rc1
  • Add support for Antminer S21 (AMLogic)
  • Add support for Antminer T21 (AMLogic/CVitek)
  • Add support for the Antminer S19k Pro submodel (BHB56903-)
  • Add new presets for S19 Hydro and S19 Pro Hydro
  • Display serial numbers and stock hashrates miner on the side panel
  • Implement heatmaps for Antminer S21/T21
  • Include «max_rpm» fan parameter in the fans object on the summary response
  • Introduce new ‘chains’ route on the API


  • AUpdate water temperature checks on Hydro miners
  • Adjust preset switcher temperature differentials
  • Improve autotuning functionality
  • Enhance miner stability
  • Make minor UI/UX adjustments


  • Fix memory leaks and firmware hangs on CVitek
  • Fix position sensor issues for T19
  • Resolve configuration loss after power loss
  • Correct profiles for Antminer S19i, S19 Hydro
  • Improve autotune issues with S19i

 release 1.2.5-beta1

  • Add support x21 series
  • Add support submodel Antminer S19k Pro (BHB56903)
  • Add support Antminer S19k Pro on Xilinx
  • Add show chain serial number and hashrate on logs
  • Add Performance widget: * When you first install firmware — the widget will be right on the dashboard. * For those who update the firmware, for the widget to appear you need to take it out of the list of widgets.


  • Correction of Antminer S19i profiles
  • Minor changes


  • Fixed detect chips on Antminer S19k Pro
  • Fixed double pause when pausing through monitoring
  • Fixed false positives of Microsoft antivirus (CVITEK)
  • Fixed dashboard hangs with large number of connections
release 1.2.5-alpha5
  • Add support T19 hydro


  • Raised the critical temperature threshold to 120 C
  • Required restart when disable boards from dashboard
  • Support old format autotune.json without serial number(1.2.0)
  • Leds blink faster when activate find miner
release 1.2.5-alpha4
  • Add stock hashrate to api request summary
  • Support submodel S19k Pro(BHB56902-)
  • Preheating chips
  • Support miner’s on CVitek
  • Voltage adjustment on auto mode


  • Change chip temp offset on Hydro miners


  • Fixed Display of red led when min fan count is configured and immersion mode
  • Fixed voltage adjustment in immersion and manual mode
  • Fixed work with L7 sensors

release 1.2.1

  • Implemented skeletal animation for a smoother loading experience on the main screen.
  • Introduced a DevFee penalty warning within the hashrate widget for increased transparency.
  • Incorporated a silent start and stop mode for the miner, providing a more seamless user experience.
  • Added an option to automatically unpause the miner after a complete reboot, enhancing convenience.
  • Implemented a feature to automatically lower presets in case of errors or overheating, optimizing miner performance.
  • Displayed active pool ping for better monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Added support for the Farsi language, expanding language accessibility.
  • Provided visibility of non-functioning coolers on the overview screen for improved diagnostics.
  • Introduced automatic voltage adjustment based on temperature for better energy efficiency.
  • Implemented adaptive temperature control, enabling auto-switching presets for optimal performance.
  • Added the ability to change presets without restarting mining, enhancing flexibility.
  • Included a descriptive error message for better understanding and troubleshooting.
  • Added an option to limit the number of miner reboots during error occurrences, preventing excessive disruptions.
  • Introduced downgraded presets specifically for S19 Pro, catering to different user preferences.
  • Included additional presets for S19j Pro and S19 Plus, offering a wider range of options.
  • Extended support for S19 XP Hydro and S19k Pro miners, keeping the software up-to-date with the latest hardware.
  • Implemented a function to ignore non-working temperature sensors for improved reliability.
  • Enhanced API functionality by processing the `devdetails` command on port 4028.


  • Revamped the mechanism for adding new widgets in the dashboard for a more intuitive experience.
  • Improved settings recovery and backup block for enhanced data security.
  • Enhanced the «Advanced» section with added descriptions of default values for better user understanding.
  • Streamlined the interface by removing support for older miner models (17th series and T2T).
  • Modernized the «Performance» section for improved user experience.
  • Adjusted the model for working with adaptive design, ensuring a cohesive and responsive layout.
  • Reduced auto-tuning operating time by up to 50%, optimizing efficiency. After comparing against our competitors this seems to bring us back to the lead yet again!
  • Improved LED indications for better identification of miner issues.
  • Strengthened the miner cooling function for more effective temperature management.
  • Optimized stability and performance of the miner.
  • Updated the interface and implemented UX improvements for a more polished look.
  • Revolutionized autotune yet again! Redesigned it for «bottom-up tuning,» minimizing peak power consumption during tuning.
  • Enabled more options to be changed without restarting mining, providing greater flexibility.
  • Updated the default password for the hotel pool to `x`.
  • Adjusted chip temperature offset for S19, T19 (from 15C to 10C).
  • Set a minimum starting temperature of 10C for hydro miners.
  • Migrated to Vue 3 and updated all modules, utilizing a new project builder (Vite 5).
  • Ability to reset all chain settings with one button click — Allow to use ‘_’ in pool accounts and workers 


  • Resolved errors in the device firmware update dialog.
  • Fixed the appearance of the pool widget when reducing its size.
  • Corrected the display size of DevFee for better visibility.
  • Fixed links and display issues in release descriptions.
  • Improved worker name validation in the «Pools» section.
  • Resolved the 404 page issue.
  • Fixed the reset of widgets to default locations.
  • Corrected the dialog for managing customized presets in mobile mode.
  • Addressed auto-filling issues with pools.
  • Fixed blinking problems when adding widgets.
  • Made corrections in working with pools (stratum protocol).
  • Fixed the restoration of the miner config.
  • Addressed chip location issues for S19K Pro.
  • Fixed sensor operation in S19 Pro Hydro, S19 Pro Plus Hydro.
  • Resolved the placement function during miner initialization.
  • Fixed the problem of increased consumption after pausing.
  • Corrected the function of pausing the miner when there is no active pool.
release 1.2.0-rc4
  • NEW AUTOTUNING — automatic tuning of all chips
  • Remote firmware installation on A113D (amlogic) control boards from micro USB
  • Remote installation of firmware on xilinx (Zylinx) and BB (BeagleBon) control boards without using SD cards directly to NAND
  • Support for miners Antminer S19J+;
  • Support for miners Antminer S19L
  • Limit on the number of miner reboots in case of problems
  • Presets (set of automatic settings) for S19a Pro;


  • Updated presets (set of automatic settings) for S19Pro Hydro, S19Pro+ Hydro
  • API speed optimization;


  • Working with Nicehash
  • Errors that led to the fall of the miner (error code: 11
  • An error that caused the miner to freeze
  • Improvements in the interface

release 1.1.12


  • Support for miners S19 (88), S19j Pro A, S19 XP
  • Network failsafe. If the settings are changed and are incorrect, the device will roll back the previous network settings.
  • MAC addresses viewable from the dashboard.
  • The ability to return to stock firmware for miners running on our firmware installed on NAND AML and BB control boards.
  • Ability to set the the startup voltage. (Useful for those running close to max of breakers or Power Distribution Unit)
  • Widgets are responsive now! 4k? 1080p? 480p? It all looks B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!
  • Voltage compensation based on the temperature and performance of the miner.
  • Voltage checking happens before detecting the chips on the boards. (Important for diagnostics if PSU issue or chip issue)
  • EEPROM support for new miner models (Yes even those weird ones) — Ability to remotely install firmware on AML and BB control boards for large customers. Xilinx — SOON 😉
  • General firmware optimization and stability changes added prior to auto-tune release (That’s next)


  • Work with network settings (DHCP → Static) — Pool Widget — Board Widget — Fonts and their adaptability
  • Expanded optimized interface mode — Location of alerts
  • Display firmware version Location (Bottom right) 


  • Fixed an issue that could occur while changing operation of pools by API
  • Operation of Reset/IP Report Buttons for AML Control Boards.
  • Incorrect baud rate setting for 136x chips
  • Inability to generate a diagnostic report
  • Operating mode of the device without hashboards connected to it
  • Firmware error on some BB models
  • Issues with graph ranges not always returning to true value fixed.
release 1.1.11


  •  Option to disable interface animations (useful when using AnyDesk or Teamviewer)
  • Quick» settings panel — More convenient configuration of boards, domains, and chips
  • Support for new power supply models — Support for various hashboard modifications
  • Console Debug Mode — for administrators only
  • Support for Antminer S19+
  • Support for Antminer S19i
  • Support for Antminer S19 (with 88 chips)
  • Support for Antminer S19 Pro A
  • Support for Antminer S19j Pro A
  • General firmware optimization 


  • Improved support for mobile devices
  • Enhanced temperature sensor and chip polling
  • Pause/resume function support extended to all firmware series


  • Fixed interface issues when accessed via https://
  • Fixed errors leading to share rejections and decreased hashrate on the pool
  • Fixed errors leading to miner restarts — Other bug fixes…
По вопросам сотрудничества, а также если у Вас возникли вопросы по установке или настройке прошивок: