VERSION 1.2.6-alpha3 (autotune)

ATTENTION: If you have BITMAIN firmware from March 2024 and older, you need to download the file 2024 UNLOCK  for your control board and read the instructions for installing the VNISH firmware.

Installing the firmware is possible via an SD card and without an SD card directly into the NAND miner using the utility VNISH TOOLKIT.

To install the firmware, use an SD card (no more than 16 GB, FAT 32).

Download the SD image for your version of the control board and ASIC model, unpack and read installation instructions

Standard types of control boards: SD slot on the outside (Xilinx SD version), SD slot located inside on the control board (beagle bone BB version), only micro usb slot located on the outside (Amlogic version), CVitek (SD slot on the outside) see file: types of control boards

Insert the SD card with VNISH firmware and turn on the miner, if you remove the SD card, the BITMAIN firmware will return. (For Xilinx and beagle bone only).

To install firmware on the Amlogic control board (a113d) from BITMAIN firmware to VNISH, you need an OTG adapter. Download the AMLOGIC SD (OTG-USB) file. Unpack the file and read installation instructions.

If you need to update the version of the already used VNISH firmware on an SD card or in NAND, then you need to download the WEB version of the VNISH firmware and load it through the UPGRADE function.

If during overclocking the consumption will be higher than 4600 watts, it is necessary to UPGRADE the POWER SUPPLY (see the instructions for finalizing the unit).


Download the firmware from the INSTALLATION IN NAND WITHOUT USING SD CARD section for your miner model and control board. Installation is only possible using the utility Vnish toolkit. Download the utility and read the installation instructions.

After rebooting the miner with the control board CVitek with vnish firmware the stock firmware will return, you need to scan the network where the miner is located using vnish toolkit or use phoenix-scanner in the background and the Vnish firmware will be restored automatically


The firmware only works with Antminer S19, S19a, S19a pro, S19j, S19jpro, S19jpro plus, S19-88-bb, S19j-bb, S19jpro-bb, S19jpro-plus-bb, S19pro-a-bb, S19pro, S19Kpro, S19pro -a, S19i, S19+, T19, S19XP, S19hydro, S19pro hydro, S19pro hyd, S19pro plus hydro, S19xp Hydro, S19j plus.

Resources and utilities


release 1.2.6-alpha3

📢 New Additions:
— Added support for submodel (BHB68603-) of Antminer S21
— Added lower preset for Antminer S19a and Antminer S19XP
— Added the ability to edit tuned presets

— Logs are not saved after reboot on Cvitek
— Changed the name of the diagnostic reports and fixed double archiving
— Increased the maximum speed of fan coolers to 90% for preset raising. Now if the speed is less than 90%, the preset will raise it
— Improved handling of pools
- Enhanced miner stability
— Fixed dashboard layout
— UI/UX changes

🐞Bug Fixes:
— Fixed the pause when switching presets
— Fixed parse EEprom's for Antminer L7
- Fixed AML sd update

release 1.2.6-alpha2

📢 New Additions:
— Added support for submodels BHB68606 and BHB68603P of Antminer S21
— Dump EEPROM's in case of decoding error

— Minimum speed of coolers during pause reduced to 0% (for known models that can stop at 0 — Nidec)
— Changed RISE to 85°C and DECREASE temp to 90°C
— Made UI/UX fixes

🐞Bug Fixes:
— Fixed error of setting frequencies at low ambient temperature
— Fixed preset change during decrease to working voltages

1.2.5 release

📢 New Additions:
— Added support for Antminer S21 (Amlogic), Antminer S21 Hydro, Antminer T21 (Amlogic/Cvitek), Antminer T19 Hydro, Antminer T21(BHB68703), Antminer S19k Pro (Xilinx), Antminer S19k Pro (BHB56903/BHB56903-/BHB56902- )
—Added widget performance
— Introduced new presets: preset 9250MH for Antminer L7, lower presets for Antminer S19, and new presets for Antminer S19 Hydro, S19Pro Hydro, and S19Pro+ Hydro
— The dashboard now displays Hashboard factory information and Hashboard temperature after overheating
— Added features for preheating chips and voltage adjustment in automatic cooling mode
— Logs are now saved after reboot
— Invalid CRC EEPROMs are ignored

— Now supports the previous format of autotune.json without serial number (1.2.0/1.2.1)
— Reduced the minimum difference between switching temperatures to 5 degrees Celsius
— Recalibrated chip temperature for x21 series
— Updated water temperature checks on Hydro miners
— Adjusted chip temp offset for Hydro miners
- Enhanced autotuning functionality
— Corrected profiles for Antminer S19i and S19 Hydro
— Raised the critical temperature threshold to 120°C
— LEDs now blink faster when activating find miner
— Made minor UI/UX adjustments
- Enhanced miner stability

🐞Bug Fixes:
— Fixed minimum hashrate check when quick start is enabled
— Fixed cooling down for automatic/manual fan mode
— Resolved false virus detection on Cvitek firmware
— Fixed double compression (diagreport/backup)
— Corrected /docs route
— Fixed memory leaks and firmware hangs on Cvitek
— Resolved configuration loss after power loss
— Improved autotune for Antminer S19i
— Fixed chip detection issue on Antminer S19k Pro
— Resolved double pause issue
— Fixed dashboard hangs with a large number of connections
— Fixed voltage adjustment in immersion and manual cooling mode
— Fixed work with L7 sensors

💻 API Changes:
— Added max_rpm parameter in the fans object on the /summary response
— Added hr_stock to the /summary response
— Introduced new /chains and /factory-info routes on the API

release 1.2.5-rc2

Added 📢
— Add support for Antminer S21 Hydro
— Add preset 9250MH for Antminer L7
— Add new response 'factory-info' in API
— Add show chain factory info
— Ignore fans with extra large rpm readings
— Show chain temp after overheated
— Ignore invalid eeprom
- Save logs after reboot

Changed 🚩
— Correct temp sensor position for Antminer S21/T21
— Correct profiles for Antminer S21/T21
— Correct presets for Antminer S19 Hydro/S19Pro Hydro
— Chip temperature recalculation for x21 series
— Remove 'asic_boost' from settings in API

Fixed ✅
— Fix for minimum hashrate check when quick start is enabled
— Fix cooling down for fan auto/manual mode
- Fix double compression in Safari

release 1.2.5-rc1
  • Add support for Antminer S21 (AMLogic)
  • Add support for Antminer T21 (AMLogic/CVitek)
  • Add support for the Antminer S19k Pro submodel (BHB56903-)
  • Add new presets for S19 Hydro and S19 Pro Hydro
  • Display serial numbers and stock hashrates miner on the side panel
  • Implement heatmaps for Antminer S21/T21
  • Include "max_rpm" fan parameter in the fans object on the summary response
  • Introduce new 'chains' route on the API


  • AUpdate water temperature checks on Hydro miners
  • Adjust preset switcher temperature differentials
  • Improve autotuning functionality
  • Enhance miner stability
  • Make minor UI/UX adjustments


  • Fix memory leaks and firmware hangs on CVitek
  • Fix position sensor issues for T19
  • Resolve configuration loss after power loss
  • Correct profiles for Antminer S19i, S19 Hydro
  • Improve autotune issues with S19i

 release 1.2.5-beta1

  • Add support x21 series
  • Add support submodel Antminer S19k Pro (BHB56903)
  • Add support Antminer S19k Pro on Xilinx
  • Add show chain serial number and hashrate on logs
  • Add Performance widget: * When you first install firmware — the widget will be right on the dashboard. * For those who update the firmware, for the widget to appear you need to take it out of the list of widgets.


  • Correction of Antminer S19i profiles
  • Minor changes


  • Fixed detect chips on Antminer S19k Pro
  • Fixed double pause when pausing through monitoring
  • Fixed false positives of Microsoft antivirus (CVITEK)
  • Fixed dashboard hangs with large number of connections
release 1.2.5-alpha5
  • Add support T19 hydro


  • Raised the critical temperature threshold to 120 C
  • Required restart when disable boards from dashboard
  • Support old format autotune.json without serial number(1.2.0)
  • Leds blink faster when activate find miner
release 1.2.5-alpha4
  • Add stock hashrate to api request summary
  • Support submodel S19k Pro(BHB56902-)
  • Preheating chips
  • Support miner's on CVitek
  • Voltage adjustment on auto mode


  • Change chip temp offset on Hydro miners


  • Fixed Display of red led when min fan count is configured and immersion mode
  • Fixed voltage adjustment in immersion and manual mode
  • Fixed work with L7 sensors

1.2.1 release

  • Implemented skeletal animation for a smoother loading experience on the main screen.
  • Introduced a DevFee penalty warning within the hashrate widget for increased transparency.
  • Incorporated a silent start and stop mode for the miner, providing a more seamless user experience.
  • Added an option to automatically unpause the miner after a complete reboot, enhancing convenience.
  • Implemented a feature to automatically lower presets in case of errors or overheating, optimizing miner performance.
  • Displayed active pool ping for better monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Added support for the Farsi language, expanding language accessibility.
  • Provided visibility of non-functioning coolers on the overview screen for improved diagnostics.
  • Introduced automatic voltage adjustment based on temperature for better energy efficiency.
  • Implemented temperature adaptive control, enabling auto-switching presets for optimal performance.
  • Added the ability to change presets without restarting mining, enhancing flexibility.
  • Included a descriptive error message for better understanding and troubleshooting.
  • Added an option to limit the number of miner reboots during error occurrences, preventing excessive disruptions.
  • Introduced downgraded presets specifically for S19 Pro, catering to different user preferences.
  • Included additional presets for S19j Pro and S19 Plus, offering a wider range of options.
  • Extended support for S19 XP Hydro and S19k Pro miners, keeping the software up-to-date with the latest hardware.
  • Implemented a function to ignore non-working temperature sensors for improved reliability.
  • Enhanced API functionality by processing the `devdetails` command on port 4028.


  • Revamped the mechanism for adding new widgets in the dashboard for a more intuitive experience.
  • Improved settings recovery and backup block for enhanced data security.
  • Enhanced the “Advanced” section with added descriptions of default values ​​for better user understanding.
  • Streamlined the interface by removing support for older miner models (17th series and T2T).
  • Modernized the “Performance” section for improved user experience.
  • Adjusted the model for working with adaptive design, ensuring a cohesive and responsive layout.
  • Reduced auto-tuning operating time by up to 50%, optimizing efficiency. After comparing against our competitors this seems to bring us back to the lead yet again!
  • Improved LED indications for better identification of miner issues.
  • Strengthened the miner cooling function for more effective temperature management.
  • Optimized stability and performance of the miner.
  • Updated the interface and implemented UX improvements for a more polished look.
  • Revolutionized autotune yet again! Redesigned it for “bottom-up tuning,” minimizing peak power consumption during tuning.
  • Enabled more options to be changed without restarting mining, providing greater flexibility.
  • Updated the default password for the hotel pool to `x`.
  • Adjusted chip temperature offset for S19, T19 (from 15C to 10C).
  • Set a minimum starting temperature of 10C for hydro miners.
  • Migrated to Vue 3 and updated all modules, utilizing a new project builder (Vite 5).
  • Ability to reset all chain settings with one button click — Allow to use '_' in pool accounts and workers 


  • Resolved errors in the device firmware update dialog.
  • Fixed the appearance of the pool widget when reducing its size.
  • Corrected the display size of DevFee for better visibility.
  • Fixed links and display issues in release descriptions.
  • Improved worker name validation in the “Pools” section.
  • Resolved the 404 page issue.
  • Fixed the reset of widgets to default locations.
  • Corrected the dialog for managing customized presets in mobile mode.
  • Addressed auto-filling issues with pools.
  • Fixed blinking problems when adding widgets.
  • Made corrections in working with pools (stratum protocol).
  • Fixed the restoration of the miner config.
  • Addressed chip location issues for S19K Pro.
  • Fixed sensor operation in S19 Pro Hydro, S19 Pro Plus Hydro.
  • Resolved the placement function during miner initialization.
  • Fixed the problem of increased consumption after pausing.
  • Corrected the function of pausing the miner when there is no active pool.
release 1.2.0-rc4
  • NEW AUTOTUNING – automatic tuning of all chips
  • Remote firmware installation on A113D (amlogic) control boards from micro USB
  • Remote installation of firmware on xilinx (Zylinx) and BB (BeagleBon) control boards without using SD cards directly to NAND
  • Support for miners Antminer S19J+;
  • Support for miners Antminer S19L
  • Limit on the number of miner reboots in case of problems
  • Presets (set of automatic settings) for S19a Pro;


  • Updated presets (set of automatic settings) for S19Pro Hydro, S19Pro+ Hydro
  • API speed optimization;


  • Working with Nicehash
  • Errors that led to the fall of the miner (error code: 11
  • An error that caused the miner to freeze
  • Improvements in the interface

1.1.12 release


  • Support for miners S19 (88), S19j Pro A, S19 XP
  • Network failsafe. If the settings are changed and are incorrect, the device will roll back the previous network settings.
  • MAC addresses viewable from the dashboard.
  • The ability to return to stock firmware for miners running on our firmware installed on NAND AML and BB control boards.
  • Ability to set the startup voltage. (Useful for those running close to max of breakers or Power Distribution Unit)
  • Widgets are responsive now! 4k? 1080p? 480p? It all looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  • Voltage compensation based on the temperature and performance of the miner.
  • Voltage checking happens before detecting the chips on the boards. (Important for diagnostics if PSU issue or chip issue)
  • EEPROM support for new miner models (Yes even those weird ones) — Ability to remotely install firmware on AML and BB control boards for large customers. Xilinx - SOON 😉
  • General firmware optimization and stability changes added prior to auto-tune release (That's next)


  • Work with network settings (DHCP → Static) – Pool Widget – Board Widget – Fonts and their adaptability
  • Expanded optimized interface mode — Location of alerts
  • Display firmware version Location (Bottom right) 


  • Fixed an issue that could occur while changing operation of pools by API
  • Operation of Reset/IP Report Buttons for AML Control Boards.
  • Incorrect baud rate setting for 136x chips
  • Inability to generate a diagnostic report
  • Operating mode of the device without hashboards connected to it
  • Firmware error on some BB models
  • Issues with graph ranges not always returning to true value fixed.
1.1.11 release


  •  Option to disable interface animations (useful when using AnyDesk or Teamviewer)
  • Quick" settings panel - More convenient configuration of boards, domains, and chips
  • Support for new power supply models — Support for various hashboard modifications
  • Console Debug Mode - for administrators only
  • Support for Antminer S19+
  • Support for Antminer S19i
  • Support for Antminer S19 (with 88 chips)
  • Support for Antminer S19 Pro A
  • Support for Antminer S19j Pro A
  • General firmware optimization 


  • Improved support for mobile devices
  • Enhanced temperature sensor and chip polling
  • Pause/resume function support extended to all firmware series


  • Fixed interface issues when accessed via https://
  • Fixed errors leading to share rejections and decreased hashrate on the pool
  • Fixed errors leading to miner restarts — Other bug fixes…
For questions regarding cooperation, or if you have any questions about installing or configuring firmware: