Official firmware for ASIC from Vnish

official The best solution for mining

decrease in consumption
up to 20%
increase in profit
up to 50%

Professional VNISH firmware for overclocking Antminer S19/T19/S9/S17/T17/T9+/L3+/L7

  • Absolutely free and unlimited access to the latest updates of custom VNISH firmware for Bitmain ASIC equipment.
  • Technical support and chat assistance 24/7.
  • Improving functionality based on requests from B2B clients.
about us

Professional VNISH firmware for overclocking Antminer S19 / T19 / S9 / S17 / T17 / T9+ / L3+ / L7


For more than 8 years, the VNISH team has been developing firmware for Antminer ASICs.

At the moment you can download firmware for Antminer S19, S19a, S19a pro, S19j, S19jpro, S19jpro plus, S19-88-bb, S19j-bb, S19jpro-bb, S19jpro-plus-bb, S19pro-a-bb, S19pro , S19Kpro, S19pro-a, S19i, S19+, T19, S19XP, S19hydro, S19pro hydro, S19pro hyd, S19pro plus hydro, S19xp Hydro, S19j plus, S17+, T17+, S17, S17pro, T17, S9, S9i, S9j, T9+ , L7, L3+, L3++ and Innosilicon T2Tz.

In the process of developing Whatsminer, Innosilicon, Avalon firmware.

All Vnish firmware went through extensive testing before official releases were made and posted on the website for download.

Compared to stock firmware from Bitmain, our firmware has enormous functionality that allows you to quickly and efficiently manage your ASICs and increase the profitability of your equipment by up to 50%.

More detailed information on all the advantages of the Vnish firmware can be found in the Functionality section.

VNISH functionality
Free custom firmware for mining with virus protection and AsicBoost technology.

Complete virus protection

Protection and built-in treatment against various viruses. (ANTBUILD, NIGHT SWITCHER and others).

Bulk password change

Function of bulk password change, SSH port and disabling SSH port (additional protection).

Auto tuning

Adjusting the frequencies and voltage of ASIC chips (reducing HW errors, increasing hashrate, extending the life of ASIC).

Bulk firmware installation

Possibility of installing firmware on an unlimited number of miners in one network at the same time.

ASIC BOOST technology

Reducing consumption on average up to 20% due to the optimization of the algorithm while maintaining the hashrate.

Individual overclocking

Overclock each board separately (overclocking and voltage). Overclocking each chip (thanks to this you can achieve maximum ASIC speed and stable operation).

Saving electricity

Automatic shutdown of electricity consumption when the Internet or pools fail (on the original firmware from BITMAIN, asic continues to consume electricity).

Extending fan life and turning them off

The fan operation algorithm has been redesigned: quiet start, maintaining the temperature on the chips for their stable and long-term operation. Possibility to disable fan polling during immersion cooling (no tricks needed).

select firmware

The official VNISH firmware for Bitmain Antminer increases the hashrate by 50%, allows you to safely overclock the miner, has rich functionality, is easy to use and safe.

Innosilicon miners provide high performance with low power consumption. The official VNISH firmware allows you to further increase the hashrate and improve the stability of the miner.

Coming soon. Stay tuned.


We are open to cooperation with owners, managers, and administrators of hosting companies (mining hotels).

We work with many hosting companies around the world (Georgia, USA, Canada, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and others).


No cashback
  • Any number of S9, T9+, L3+
  • X17 Any number of miners
  • X19 Any number of miners
  • Personal technical support chat
  • Proxying Fee to any pool


Cashback 0,5%
  • From 5000 miners S9, T9+, L3+
  • X17 From 2000 miners
  • X19 From 1000 miners
  • Personal technical support chat
  • Proxying Fee to any pool


Cashback 1%
  • From 10000 miners S9, T9+, L3+
  • X17 From 4000 miners
  • X19 From 2000 miners
  • Personal technical support chat
  • Proxying Fee to any pool

We are ready to develop partner versions of firmware with your logo and the inclusion of your DEV FEE percentage. This will allow you to collect rent from your clients on time, guaranteed, and your clients will begin to receive additional income using our firmware.

As part of the program, we provide consultations, training and assistance in installation and configuration. When updates are released, your version is updated to the latest.

News and updates

Added firmware for XILINX, BEAGLE BONE (BB), AMLOGIC (A113d), CVITEK (cv1835) control boards.

Updated firmware for Antminer S21, T21 available for download

DevFee for Antminer L7 reduced from 2.8% to 1.9%


Step 1. Download the firmware

The choice of firmware depends on the type of equipment you have.

Step 2. Install the firmware

Detailed instructions with pictures will help with this. There is a remote assistant and all the necessary programs.

Step 3. Set up and launch

The optimal settings are selected based on your equipment, operating conditions and type of cooling.
frequently asked questions
We have detailed instructions for each version of the miner. Everything is described simply and clearly, so even a beginner can handle it. In addition, you are always supported by our team of technical specialists who are always available and ready to help.
Yes, just install the official firmware in the usual way.
Absolutely not. All firmware is thoroughly tested before release.

Our software is distributed free of charge. Please note that custom firmware includes a developer fee (DevFee) - a reward for developers. DevFee depends on the type of equipment and is 1,8%-2,8% of the total hashrate of your miner, which is automatically debited while the device is running.

For questions regarding cooperation, or if you have any questions about installing or configuring firmware: